FMWhatsApp Mod APK (September 2021) Download New Version-Anti-Ban

Most people use WhatsApp messenger for sharing data and also for text purposes. But, in the recent and modern time, FMWhatsApp changes and develops some new version with the latest mod. All the mods of WhatsApp are best, like GB WhatsApp Apk. However, the FM version of WhatsApp is good and develops with its quality of features. Therefore, try to sue the mod of this Apk in your android and iOS system. So, in this article today, we will describe the reviews of this mod Apk.

FMWhatsApp Official Apk 2021


We are living in the modern age and time of the world. Therefore, we need a proper communication system to use it and get all the necessary things. So, for this, WhatsApp launches its new version(V12.00.2) of FMWhatsApp mod Apk. This is good for users with it all updated features and better than all other mod of WhatsApp. So, it has many functional and cool features that are best to give full customization level. Moreover, you can easily change the modification level. But, it is classical and practical with all new and updated features.

Apk Information

App Name FMWhatsApp Apk
Version v10.23
App Size 51 MB
Total Downloads 600000
Requirements4.0 and Above
Official Website Fouad Makdad
Last Updated 1 Day Ago

Is FMWA Mod Apk Best?

The FMWhatsApp is best for the users due to its versatile features and a complete privacy system. You can use this mod to get all quality of things quickly and communicate with other people through text messages, pictures, and video sharing. Moreover, it immediately downloads and installs in the android and iOS systems. But, it is not available at any online play store of Google. Therefore, you need to download it from a third-party official website with all cookies and privacy policy options. An antivirus system is always set to share all files and extract them without any troubleshoot. Moreover, it is also good with its all-new and versatile features.

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Features Of  FMWhatsApp Mod APK

The original application is quite good, but a mod of FM WhatsApp has many excellent and quality features. So, read all the features and get some important points to use this FM Mod Apk.

Customization System

The app has the main feature of the full customization system. So, you can adjust the theme with your different color addition. Therefore, you can change the different colors of green and customize other colors as well. Moreover, you can customize other options with applications.

Full Privacy

The FM Mod Apk provides a sound privacy system. So, it is good to give the option of blue ticks, double ticks, and a simple method to show the status. Moreover, deactivation of all video calls also provides the privacy system. So, you can adjust it for all requests and add the airplane mode option on the app. Moreover, you can also lock the app to make it full of privacy from all others.

Send Text

This is another best feature of this mod of FM Apk. With its latest version, you can send messages to anyone without saving the contact in your contact list. But, you can send text, pictures, and videos to any unsaved contact. Moreover, it is good to give a healthy chat pin option. So, you can almost pin 100 chats in the chat pin setting.

Group Colors Addition

This also a quality of feature in this FMWhatsApp Mod Apk. You can change any group’s color in your group list; moreover, this updated setting is not present in WhatsApp’s original application.

Messages In Group

The FMWhatsApp mod Apk is also good to send a lot of text and messages in many groups. Moreover, it can share the document in almost 500 different groups at a single time. Therefore, download and install the app on your android system for more information. Moreover, in a single time, you can send text and images in only time.

Full Update Version Apk

The Mod of FMWhatsApp Apk is specially designed and developed with all new and straightforward updating features. Therefore, always check the updating system and update your app to get maximum benefits with new features.

Theme Option

The application is useful to give proper customization of themes in the library. So, you can select many ideas for use and make it fully customized with all new features.

Anti-Delete (Anti Ban)

The FMWA Mod Apk has also developed with an anti-deleted option for all text messages and different pictures and videos. Moreover, you can send text and remove it from the list, and it does show in the other account.

High-Class Development

Fouad Mokdad develops the FM WhatsApp. Therefore, the developer adds all quality of function, which is not in the other apps. Consequently, you can use it once then make it proper for us in your android system.

Hide Status

The app is also good to hide all the status and hide your contact list’s view status. The original app and all other versions like v6.71 have no power to show all these features of full security. Moreover, a person who hides you in status you can also watch her status. But, he is unable to attend that you are seeing his/her condition.

Show Blue Tick

The FM WhatsApp is useful to show the blue tick option after replaying it to someone in your contact list. So, a text sender only views the blue ticks when you send him a reply. On the other hand, you cannot answer, and this app shows that users are unable to see the text.

Hide Sending Messages Option

This is also the best feature which is not present in all other apps. Fouad Mokadad WhatsApp has this feature to hide the typing and recording option on the other mobile phone. So, you can send a text to someone, but he cannot show your typing and recording option.

Remove Tag Option

It is developed with its new feature of the disabled tag system. Therefore, it is right for you to use this app and share all the material with your contact list and in different groups. But, it does not show that you forward this message to other contact lists. Moreover, it has a large capacity to send all the data without any tag option of forward.

Call Privacy

The application s also good to sue for only a selected contact list. So, you can choose the contact list and share their voice calls and even with video calls. Moreover, this application gives you privacy options to place security on your account and hide your call list. But, only the selected contact list can call you. Therefore the blocked persons are unable to send you text as well any call. Moreover, FM WhatsApp is best to use for all time and share information with video calls.

Status Delete Option

The FMWhatsApp Official Mod Apk is useful to save the status, but you can also delete the situation from your contact list without sharing it. Moreover, you can check the status and stories of a different person in your contact list. But, they have already deleted all the data from their stories. However, FM Mod Apk has features to save cookies records of accounts as well as the status.

Full Security

The app is also best to save all the data of your account. So, you can use this app all time without any harmful effects. Therefore, use it with full privacy and save all the things. Moreover, it is good to provide all the customization options in the theme and all other versions as v6.71.

Download Latest Version (V12.00.2) Of FMWhatsApp 2021

Most people want to sue all old version (2020) apps of fully customized and updated versions. So, WhatsApp is the only app that has all quality of features due to its different mod. So, most of the world uses the app with its modified version. But, FMWhatsApp is best to use, and you can download its latest version of 2021. But, this app is not available at any play store. Therefore, you need to download it from any other third party site with its latest version. But, you need to check that it is available with full customization and updating option. After that, you can download and use this app on your android system.

Note: You can also download old versions of FM WhatsApp 2019 and 2020 and 2021, v6.71, V8.35 and V8.26 from below download buttons.

Steps For Download It free (Antiban)

The most important thing is that you can download the FMWhatsApp with a full customization option, and it is available on any Official website and can download it free. But, we need to follow some steps and then download this FMWA Mod Apk.

  • First of all, find out the download link from any website but carefully read out all features and then choose the ring.
  • Then start download to click on the download button.
  • But you can also download the old version of FM Mod Apk v7.99.
  • The developer of this app is Fouad Mokadad.
  • Download the blue stacks from your android system through websites.

How to Install FMWhatsApp Mod App

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Here we provide you a full guide about the installation of this mod Apk.

  • You need to download the application of FM WhatsApp, and then you can install this application in your system.
  • When you start t install, check your mobile settings and place a proper space in the android system.
  • Then extract all the necessary files in mobile phones with full customization.
  • After successfully extracting all files, you can click the app to make sure that it is installed in your android system.

How to Update FMWhatsApp

When you download any app after some time, the developer of the apps update and add the latest version in the application. Therefore, you can download its newest release in the free system. After some time, you can also get all the updated features of the FMWhatsApp from your android system and add some new features to the application. But, mostly, this application is primarily useful for a long time with it all its updated features. However, you can download the latest version of FM Mod Apk 2021 in your system and use it with all new features.


Most of the people have know-how about the mod of Apk. Overall, we will suggest your benefit to use the original application of FM WhatsApp.

Q1: How do I download FMWhatsApp?

Ans: You can download the FMWhatsApp on your android and iOS system. But, this mod of WhatsApp is not available on the play store. Therefore, you need to get the download from all other third party websites. So, you can download the latest version of FMWhatsApp with all updated features and privacy systems. Therefore, you can download it and use it with all features and settings.

Q2: What is FMWhatsApp?

Ans: FMWhatsApp is the mod of original WhatsApp. But, it is not a simple app. Therefore, it is a small and sizeable featured mod of FMWhatsApp Apk. However, it is a useful application to use with all quality of features. Moreover, it is a modded application of WhatsApp.

Q3: How do I update FMWhatsApp 2021?

Ans: Yes, you can update the FMWhatsApp 2021 easily. But, its updated versions are available on any third party website. So, you need to check the application on any third party website. Therefore, you can again download it and install it on your android system. Moreover, with time, you can download the new version.

Q4: Is FMWhatsApp safe?

Ans: Yes, the Fouad Mokadad WhatsApp is safe for use. Therefore, you can use this application in your system with full privacy and security system as well. Moreover, it has all quality features and gives you complete safety, ensuring your account is safe.

Q5: How do I use FMWhatsApp?

Ans: The Modded application of FMWhatsApp is a simple app. Therefore it is easy for users to share the data and make a full communication system. But, it is versatile with all other features. But, it’s not like all separate apps. It is entirely different than all others only with privacy and security system.

Q6: Is FMWhatsApp banned?

Ans: No, there is not any ban(unbanned) for the use of this application. But, google play store does not launch this application. So, you can only download from any other third party website. Therefore, it can use without any banned option.


FMWhatsApp Official is the modded version of the original WhatsApp. But, it was versatile from all other Mod Apk. Therefore, it is suitable for use with its complete security and safety system for the purpose. Moreover, this application is ideal for use with it full-featured the setting of the whole setup. But, it is not available Google play store. Therefore, you can download the new version of 2021 to your android and iOS.

Moreover, this is easy to install on the mobile phone with a fully updated version. Therefore, download and use this mod Apk in your system without any troubleshoot. However, it is suitable for use due to its lot of different features. So, use this app to transfer and messages to other persons to get maximum benefits.

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