GBWhatsApp MiNi APK

Mini is the modified version of the original WhatsApp application. Also, it was developed by a third-party developer. Besides, the developer changed the entire code to make the user interface better. On the other hand, the logo of this application is changed into Gold.

GBWhatsApp MiNi is the Light version of the Official Gbwhatsapp by Atnaf Hoaks. There are many features not available in the lite version, but this is way different Mod than any other.

Who loves to use Official Whatsapp over Mods with a bunch of features by considering only one thing that is Lighter and faster than those. Guys this is the best Mod in that aspect with minimal features that everyone wants nowadays.

Although most of the features are not available in this GBWhatsApp MiNi APK, Still downloading GBWhatsApp MiNi APK is the best way to get some fantastic and Demanded Options.

The Official GBWhatsApp MiNi is a lighter version of Atnaf Hoaks’ GBWhatsApp. There are many features that aren’t available in the lite version, but this is a totally different Mod from anything you’ve ever seen.

Unless you care about only one thing, which is lighter and faster than other mods, then use the Official Whatsapp over a mod with a bunch of features. This Mod offers the most minimal features that everyone wants nowadays, which makes it the best in that aspect.


GBWhatsApp MiNi APK is not packed with many features, but still provides some excellent and requested features.

Download GBWhatsApp MiNi APK Latest Version

This Mod was developed by Naeem Ahmed from SAM Mods. My opinion is that he did an excellent job for those who prefer Lite apps over standard apps with big size.

There are no modifications regarding changing colors, as this app uses the official Whatsapp skin. For the APP, we can simply say that there is no customization.

This might be a depressing experience for those who like the customisation and theming of their apps. I won’t recommend this app to them. App developers are constantly striving to improve the app to make it more beautiful and show that it can make a difference in daily use.

Furthermore, GBWhatsApp MiNi provides the essential privacy options that every user wants. Here are a few features we have provided below for a better understanding.

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