Royal WhatsApp Apk Download new Version (September 2021)

Social media is evolving since the last decade, and WhatsApp has also got popular these last few years. WhatsApp users like to use it every day, but they also want some more features and security settings. For this purpose, we have the latest Royal WhatsApp Mod Apk in 2021 for WhatsApp users to enjoy more functions in this app. You would also know some best mod apps like NOWhatsApp latest version and WhatsAppMA Latest version; these apps are currently the best WhatsApp alternative mod apps. WhatsApp Royal maybe not be that advanced in functions or any other settings, but it’s better than the original WhatsApp. You shouldn’t miss this app if you want some cool features like good privacy settings and emojis inside it. It’s a third-party app developed by Naeem Ahmad.

Royal WhatsApp 2021

Royal WhatsApp

As you know, there are many mod apps available on the internet; some are the best, and some are good in features. If you want to download Royal WhatsApp transparent Latest Version for your android phones, you can follow our article, and you will find the download link below.

Royal WhatsApp Transparent Apk Information

App Name Royal WhatsApp Transparent
Version V5.50
App Size 23 MB
Total Downloads 8000
Requirements 5.0+
Cost Freeware
Official Website Naeem Ahmad
Last Updated 1 Day Ago
Rating 4.1

Features of Royal WhatsApp Apk

There are many features for this mod application that is plentiful and worth mentioning on our official website. If you are really interested to know the features of this specific app, then read our lines below.


WhatsApp and its other WhatsApp Business have perfect and safe privacy settings and options for their users as well; this mod app also has good and safe privacy for its user base and has a lot of other privacy features. You can hide your blue tick and double tick in the Royal WhatsApp Apk, and you also have the option to hide the seen WhatsApp status of your contacts. Also, you can set privacy in your groups and chat settings.

Send Big Files

This apk has many other features; it also allows you to send big-sized files like video, audio, or other document files without any limit of size. The original version of WhatsApp allows you to send only a few files, but you can send any files to your contacts in this application.

Status Character Size

If you are using the real WhatsApp app, you cannot use WhatsApp Status for more than 140 characters. It’s a little bit annoying and distracting, but in the Royal WhatsApp mod apk, you can increase the character limit and use it as much as possible. Also, you can use video status for more than 30 seconds in this app.

Backup and Restore Data

If you are going to download and install this app, you don’t need to be worried about your previous data in your old WhatsApp account. This modified apk allows you to restores and get back your data from the previous account and click on restore to access your data immediately.

New Emojis

As we know, every WhatsApp user loves to use and send emojis to their contacts. In the latest version v5.50 of Royal WhatsApp apk, you have many emojis added in the recent updates. It also allows you to use your own custom emoji for your conversations. Also, you can clear your recently used emojis and then use your custom emoji again.

Zoom Profile Image

This app is loaded with a bunch of new features and updates for you. This app allows you to zoom in and zoom out on your contacts’ profile pictures when you touch them.

Message to Unknown Numbers

As we know in the official WhatsApp app, we need to save someone’s WhatsApp number first; then, we can message them. But In Royal WhatsApp Transparent, you can send messages to the contacts even they are not on your contact list.

Things to Consider First Before Using Apk

Before downloading and installing this apk on your android, you should consider some limitations about it. If you want to install Royal WhatsApp New Version, you need to uninstall WhatsApp as this app is based on Official WhatsApp. If you install this app, the system detects it as a duplicate app and doesn’t allow you to complete the installation process.

For this reason, you can use sites like Malavida to download the app because it’s not an official app and violates the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store.

If you really want to download and use this app, you can download it below and enjoy its special features, but this app won’t be updated as the official app does.

How to Download Royal WhatsApp Transparent

Downloading the updated version of Royal WhatsApp v5.50 is not really hard for anyone.

  • Search on Google about this apk.
  • You will find many websites there.
  • Just click on any website.
  • Go to the Download Button and download the app from that link.

How to Install Royal WhatsApp Latest Version Mod Apk

Installing the Royal WhatsApp 3D apk is really easy, but you need to restore your previous data from WhatsApp so you can access it. Just follow the guide below:

  1. After downloading the apk, find the file in your mobile’s folder.
  2. Turn on unknown resources from your mobile’s settings to let your app to be installed.
  3. Click on the file, open it, and click to install it.
  4. After installation, click on, Agree, and continue.
  5. Enter your phone number and register your account.
  6. After receiving the confirmation code, verify your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to Download Royal WhatsApp?

ANS: Downloading the Royal WhatsApp is really simple, as mentioned below:

  • Search on Google about this apk.
  • Find a website that is providing it.
  • Click on Download Button and Download on your android phone.

Q2: Royal WhatsApp is official WhatsApp?

ANS: No, this apk does not look like the official WhatsApp; the unofficial developer develops this mod app to add some more advanced features and functions.

Q3: How to Install Royal WhatsApp on Android?

ANS: We can install the updated version of Royal WhatsApp Mod apk on android with simple steps :

  • Find the app in your download folder.
  • Click to install it.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Reciever confirmation code and verify your account.

Final Words

As above, we discussed some good features and functions of the Royal WhatsApp App. Where there are some advantages to this app, we have some disadvantages too. You have to uninstall your WhatsApp, but if you really want to have some extra features than your boring WhatsApp, you can download this apk and enjoy it on your android.

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