WhatsApp Aero Apk (September 2021) | Download New Version V12.2 -Anti Ban

This WhatsApp Aero mod is quite good and masterpiece with its stylish theme and performance for regular use in the android system. Most people use the different mods of Whatsapp, like GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsapp. But, it is overall versatile from all other mods and versions of this WhatsApp. The old version mod developed in 2019 and 2020 also now in 2021. But, it is now very much famous all over the world due to its different quality of mod and features as well. Moreover, it is safe for all bugs and troubleshoots. The Turkish developer launched the new mod of this WhatsApp Apk.

WhatsApp Aero Apk 2021

WhatsApp Aero

The newly developed Aero WhatsApp is good with all its features. Therefore, it is suitable for the users due to its easy use function and system. Moreover, the size of this application is small and functional, with its all theme features. So, it runs quite quickly on the mobile phone device with its all simple manners. Moreover, you can use it as per your requirements. But, overall, Aero WhatsApp functional and versatile from all other mods of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Aero Apk Information

App Name WhatsApp Aero Apk
Version V8.31
App Size 46.6 MB
Total Downloads 300000
Requirements 4.0 and Above
Cost Freeware
Official Website Modded Apps
Last Updated 1 Day Ago
Rating 4.7

Features Of WhatsApp Aero


The developer of Aero WhatsApp adds the features which make it versatile from all others. But, these features make the application user friendly. Therefore, it is quickly launched in the system with its quality of things. So, this version of WhatsApp works equally with the original application. Moreover, some essential features of this app are given here.

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Perfect Interface

WhatsApp Aero

The interface of this application is beautiful for all users to sue and get all benefits. You can also check the display and set a different color on all light and bright mod. However, all these settings in the application of Turkish developer to make the application interface user friendly. But, all this attractive display is due to the given theme settings.

Back-Up System


The WhatsApp Aero has another excellent and quality feature that it is quite right to give full back up support. So, all the data remain safe in the application after deleting. It creates the titanium function of automatic backup in the mobile phone, and all the text and other data of pics and video also back up quickly. Therefore, you need not worry about creating the backup option. This directly creates all the backup. Speaking of back-up issues. If you’re a fan of android games, go through the list of games like papers, please – you’d love it.

Proximity Sensor

WhatsApp Aero

The application also comes with a new feature that automatically enables and disables its proximity sensor function. So, it is good to use and make full privacy in the account and make full or less disable and enable the option.

Voice Recording

Voice Recording

The voice recording is sound that you can easily share voice recordings and put the earpiece into the output speaker for a more experience system. WhatsApp Aero comes to give full power for comfortable use to share recordings without any problem.

Good Image Quality

Good Image Quality

Aero WhatsApp is better to give full strength to share all the types of images with different resolutions. But, it is perfect for sharing high-resolution power images quite easily. Moreover, the image quality during sharing time does not affect and sends all the actual shape pictures. Furthermore, you can share and post many more images with a single click, and the resolution power is also large enough.

Password Protection

Password Protection

Aero WhatsApp mod is also good to give full power for all time use. But, you can set the password for an application without any issue. But, the form becomes safe with the use of a password in the system. So, it is an excellent feature in the WhatsApp Aero to make it more useful and user friendly. Moreover, this feature is only present in this mod apk of WhatsApp.

Hide Media

WhatsApp Aero

You can use the application to hide your media quite easily from the gallery. So, a person cannot watch the data from your gallery. All types of data, like video and images, are stored easily in the application with a backup option, and you can also download these again easily at any time. So, these features are useful to make another security system in the application.



The setting of UI is entirely different from the original application of WhatsApp. So, you can change the background and make the privacy option in it easily. It is good to make the WhatsApp Aero good for the users to use the environment as per your need. Most people want maximum privacy options. So, it is full of it all quality f different features of privacy. Therefore, use the application with its all original settings.

Forward Messages

Forward Messages

It is the best feature that you can disable the option of messages. So, you cannot forward the messages to other people. You can share the words with your messages, and it shows that you send the original message to another user.

Hidden Click

WhatsApp Aero

It is another useful feature of this application, which makes it better for use. Moreover, you can hide the click option of double click with its single tick, double tick, and different blue tick. Furthermore, this feature is not present in all other apps. So, you can use it without showing the message sending and also seen option. Therefore, it gives you privacy and shows the different accounts you are using or not using WhatsApp.

Change Font Style

WhatsApp Aero

The option is also quite useful to make it more useful with its all large font size. You can adjust the font size, and it is good to give extra usability with secure sending and receive a text. Moreover, font style and size can be adjusted easily in it.

Customize Conversation

WhatsApp Aero

The customization is a necessary option to make the conversation easy with its perfect size and style of all theme options. Moreover, you can easily customize the application and make the home screen more protective and easy for users with its sizeable bright attraction.

Emojis Option

Emojis Option

The different shapes and styles of emoji are readily available for sending and sharing text. Moreover, it makes it easy to use the application and send different emoji of the interface to all users and show maximum performance. Therefore, select the emoji for all time use and save it in the conversation and the given library.

Auto-Reply Function


It is also a useful feature in WhatsApp Aero, making it proficient for the users to use. Moreover, this auto-reply function in this application is an excellent addition to send text easily to other contacts.

Schedule Messages

Schedule Messages

The schedule option is also set in the application. Therefore, the developer of this mod Apk adds the feature of message scheduling. Moreover, you can make a schedule to send text pictures and all other data to all contacts easily.

Instagram Mode

WhatsApp Aero

This is another useful feature in the application of WhatsApp. So, you can place the status and all stories quite easily with the Instagram mod. Moreover, these features do not set in the other apps and all mods of WhatsApp.

Status Privacy

Status Privacy

It is a simple feature of the application. But, you can also put privacy on your status. However, you can watch and see the status of all other people who hide you from their condition. But, it is due to use this application in your android system. So, you can easily block all the status quite quickly.

Block Calls

Block Calls

The option is also set, and the developer of this version makes it more useful for all users to give full strength. So, you can block all the incoming calls or some selected ones. Moreover, these can place call you but show that your WhatsApp account is entirely busy.

Different Themes And Color

WhatsApp Aero

This is the feature that is also present in the original application. But, it has fewer themes setting in it. Moreover, this version contains almost 3000 different themes with all bright and dark colors. Furthermore, the color scheme in this version and mod Apk is versatile and different from all other mods.

Anti-ban WhatsApp mod


The version of this mod Apk is safe for long term use. So, the developer launch this application with all features of the anti-ban option. So, you can use it without any safety issues. But, it is entirely safe for all users to use and update with its new version.

Fast Speed

WhatsApp Aero

This version mod Apk is high enough and different from all other mod apks of WhatsApp. So, this WhatsApp Aero is good to share and make full communication with excellent customization power. Therefore, it is totally user-friendly to share all the text, pictures, and videos with unique speed options.

Main Points

The application is suitable for the users due to its two main points and features as well. Therefore, these help in developing and adding other small features to this application.

Aero Theme

The main point is its aero theme. It has many items for full attraction. But, you can get the other option as per your need. But, the application contains almost 3000 different ideas with maximum color, and users use it efficiently.

Home Screen Customization

It is the point which people want o to choose in the applications. But, this version has full customization of theme due to its good power for home screen settings. Therefore, you can also change other options in your version of this application.

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  • Stock
  • WACA
  • NL Mods
  • WANH
  • Prime V1 to V6F

Download Latest Version (V12.00.2) 2021

Aero WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s application develops its new mod and different versions for the users to use different stylish versions. Therefore, you can download free the original form with all its cool features. However, you need to download the application with it all set. But, it is good to adjust the proper space in your android system. Moreover, we describe the method to download the application freely—some important points for downloading the WhatsApp Aero given here.

  • Set the fast speed internet in your android system.
  • Make sure the connectivity with easy downloading.
  • The application is not available at any google play store. Therefore, you need to select the original and official website for downloading the initial request with all the quality of features.
  • Then click on the download button and start downloading in your system.
  • After completing the download of this application, you need to set the installation.

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How to Install WhatsApp Aero apk

When downloading, complete on your android mobile device. So, you need to install the application on your device. But, its installation does not simple you need to follow some significant and simple steps for installing this mod Apk.

Enable Unknown Source

Enable Unknown Source

It is the first step to set the setting for installation. So, you need to go into the background and security. After that, go to the permission option and then found out the enable unknown option.

Click Install Button

Install WhatsApp Aero

After selecting all the settings, you need to click on the installation button and quickly start the installation. But, click on the device storage and free download and install it easily in the system. Therefore, you need to wait for a while for the installation, and then it’s complete. After installation, you can use the application. Moreover, the full name of the form is WhatsApp Aero Mod Apk.

Updating Of Latest Version (V12.00.2) Of WhatsApp Aero

The users need to update the new and latest version(V12.00.2) of WhatsApp Apk. The application version does not launch on the google play store. Therefore, you can free download it from any official website and install it in your system. But for updating and for adding some new features in your application with time. So, you can again download it free and install it on your android system.

Creation Of Account On WhatsApp Aero mod apk

It is necessary to use the application with any legal account. So, for this, you need to create the original account in your device with your number. But, you can use this application version with all mods at the same time in your system. Moreover, you can also use the original application, business WhatsApp and all other versions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

WhatsApp Aero Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is WhatsApp Aero?

ANS: It is the modded version of the original WhatsApp. But, it the latest and newly developed version of WhatsApp. Moreover, the Turkish developer launch this version for the users. WhatsApp Aero APK is another released in 2019 and 2020, the most recent adjusted application for WhatsApp. Bozkurt Hazarr created it as of late with the assistance of Fouad Mods. WhatsApp Aero mod contains similar features as other WhatsApp mods, but it is different and versatile from all other apps.

Q2: Is WhatsApp Aero Safe?

ANS: Yes, WhatsApp Aero Apk is entirely safe for use. So, you can create an account and use the WhatsApp account. Moreover, it has versatile features, which makes it versatile from all others. Its anti-ban option is entirely safe for users. But, it also gives maximum privacy options with its full attractive themes. But, the interface is also quite good with its complete safety system. However, its security and does not give any problem to your account. But, your account is entirely safe to share text, images, and videos with high-resolution power.

Q3: How do I install Aero WhatsApp?

ANS: You can install the application’s new version in your android system after downloading. But, it has some significant points to follow for downloading and installation as well. Moreover, the release is not present in the play store of Google. Therefore, you need to go to a mobile setting, click on the permission button, and get the unknown source for downloading. It is necessary to check the original mod name WhatsApp Aero Mod Apk 2021 and install it in your system.

Q4: How do I use WhatsApp Aero?

ANS: It’s simple to use, like all other moded versions of WhatsApp. But, it is too much versatile for use due to its different text and interfaces as well. Moreover, create an account with the original number on your mobile phone device and get all the features with a full privacy system. You need to follow all the above-given features and then use them to benefit from all elements.


WhatsApp Aero is the modded version of the original application. So, it was released in 2020. But, its new version comes on a different website in 2021. Moreover, a Turkish developer Bozkurt Hazarr created it with its all sturdy features. But, it versatile from all other mods due to elements. Themes option and it’s home screen customization. However, WhatsApp Aero has almost 3000 themes. It is also useful and attractive for the users to use the application and get maximum benefits with full safety and privacy. So, overall, it enjoyable and valuable from all other mods of the original WhatsApp.

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