WhatsApp Gold Apk (September 2021) Download Free Latest Version v8.51 For Android

The application of Messenger WhatsApp is the perfect source of communication between many people. So, most people use WhatsApp to share videos and text messages from any corner of the world, and it is also suitable for users to make a voice call in audio and video form. Millions of people use this application to make information and share it in a better way. So, the original application is ancient and has fewer features and functions. Therefore, the developers made the new moded application of WhatsApp like Business, This apk, and WhatsApp Gold 2021. All these moded versions of WhatsApp are best used to provide maximum functionality with all useful features to use it all time.

WhatsApp Gold Apk 2021

WhatsApp Gold

Another newest moded version of WhatsApp Gold comes and develops with its all good feature and privacy system. So, you can download this application and use it all the time. So, a new version of WhatsApp Gold 8.51 is best for all users to use it with all useful features and functions. Therefore, try to download this Gold WhatsApp and use it all the time. Moreover, this moded version of WhatsApp is best due to its many more features. So, all the best features of this application are described here.

Apk Information

App Name Golden WhatsApp
Version V8.12
App Size 45 MB
Total Downloads 60000
Requirements 5.0+
Cost Freeware
Official Website 3D WhatsApp
Last Updated 1 Day Ago
Rating 4.4
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Features Of Whatsapp Gold

Hide Online Status

This application’s main feature is that you can hide your status online, and it does not show that you are online on WhatsApp. So, you can use the application and text with people without showing that you are online. Therefore, the online connection is always hidden, and you can use the WhatsApp all time.

Blue Tick Privacy

The Blue and second tick on the text is also hidden, and you can check any text without showing to anyone that you have seen the text of this person. The blue tick privacy is suitable for all WhatsApp Gold users to make it better for users, and you can see all text without replying to them. Overall, this feature is set in this modded version of WhatsApp Gold to communicate better.

Hide Recording Status

The application is also suitable for the user to hide texting and recording audio on the conversation chat. You can easily conceal and put full privacy to control it from your side and reply to the people at any time. Moreover, you can use the application to text and share data all time without any limit option.

Anti-Revoke Option

It is a perfect option and features in this application that make it better to use all time. The Anti-Revoke enable system is best to make sure that other people can not delete text from you. So, when the other side sends you a text, he cannot delete any text. Therefore, you should use the moded version of WhatsApp Gold and share all data with full privacy.

Last Seen Privacy

These features are also useful to give you maximum power to use WhatsApp Gold for full communication. The last seen hide option is an outstanding feature to put yourself on last seen hide, and it cannot be shown to anyone. Overall, the moded version of WhatsApp Gold is best for all users to give much more safety and privacy.

Anti-Ban Mod

The moded version of this Apk is suitable for all time use without banning it. So, you can download and install the application on your android and mobile system to use it easily without any problem. This application is useful to put much more privacy for use and give maximum use power all time.

Hide Status Option

The status option is also set in this system for all users to give easy use functions. So, you can hide the status of any friend on the list. This application is best for all users to put maximum privacy at any point, give comfort to use, and set the status to show it to your selected person. Moreover, the application is also better for you to provide an option to check the status of a person who already put your contact on the hiding list. You can also quickly check the status of this person.

App And Chat Lock

It is the best suitable feature for the user to put a number and lock any of the conversations quickly. Moreover, a complete application lock is also set to give easy use functions. So, the developer set the perfect setting of this application to add a lock option to lock your WhatsApp Gold apk easily and lock a separate chat of anybody. Therefore, overall the application is suitable for all users to use with maximum privacy level.

Send Large File

The application of WhatsApp Gold is best to put much more power to share the data quickly, and it gives the maximum level to share and send large files also easily. This application provides a perfect option to share more data with less internet speed quickly at any point. So, you can use this application to share your data from one to another side easily.

Download WhatsApp Status

It is the perfect feature and excellent function of this application that is good for using WhatsApp and quickly downloading any statuses. So, it is suitable for the user to quickly check any status and save it in the gallery of the android system. Therefore, try to use this WhatsApp for these functions, and you do not need to install a status downloader for status downloading.

Golden WhatsApp Update

After some time, it is the best feature that many developers add new features in this moded version and make it much better to use it all time. So, this application is not available in the google play store. For, this you need to use a third-party website to install it. But, when it comes to its updating option, you can uninstall the first one and select the updated version of Golden WhatsApp and then install it in the android system for all time use.

Theme Setting

The WhatsApp Golden is also best to show the best display and setting and select many more themes without affecting the application. Moreover, the themes are also customized easily without any difficulty in the Apk.

High Image Resolution

The application is also useful to show high-resolution images with a pristine setting. So, you can share the picture with your contact with full resolution power. Moreover, it is sufficient to show the video in full and high-resolution control.

Perfect Language System

The Gold WhatsApp has also been featured with multiple uses to show many languages with a simple fault option. So, you can take a style for cheating and perform all the fonts in different languages.

Notification Setting

The Golden application is also essential to show and send a notification. So, the notification show when someone in your contact list changes the profile photo. Moreover, it also gives you a piece of knowledge when someone shows online on WhatsApp. You can add a notification option for the new status, profile changing, and suitable for all users to put maximum privacy.

Group Call System

The application is updated and has an excellent function to put a group call and enabled and disabled this system anytime. So, use a moded version of Golden WhatsApp for your group call and make the group chat easy. The feature is best for the WhatsGold design and makes it more powerful for use all time without any troubleshoot.

Home Screen Customization

The best thing is to make the home screen’s eye-catching display and the conversation screen to put it with a perfect wallpaper system. Moreover, you can add any theme and wallpaper in the system to make it better for use. You can add a new and ideal theme for this application to make it suitable for use all time.

Block Call

It is also a perfect feature in this Apk of Golden to make incoming calls on the block option. So, you can select any of the contact numbers and put this one into the full privacy system, and block to call you. In the usual way that you can stop any contact only for the call, just text, you and you are also showing the online status if you are also offline. So, try to install the application for all time used to make a privacy call option.

WhatsGold Latest Moded Version


For most people looking for the best-modded version of WhatsApp, this application with its latest version is best for all time use. This application is newly launched in the WhatsApp list and uses its many more new features and functions. Moreover, the latest version is fully updated and from the developer with its maximum features options and use it easily. The application is also full of Anti-ban, and its Anti revoke system gives full power to use it. If you want to use WhatsApp Gold, try to get the latest version of the Golden WhatsApp 8.51 version and download and install it easily. It is right for you to install the newest version of Golden WhatsApp from a third-party website using its maximum better features and functions.

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WhatsApp Gold Plus Application

WhatsApp Gold Plus

This is also a new version of this modded version to use its many of the best features. This plus sign shows that it is suitable for all users to put much more privacy and use the Golden WhatsApp plus its all latest and new features and functions. Overall, the gold application is the most recent and best of all other moded versions like GB, FM. Overall, if you want to use the moded version of WhatsApp, then Golden WhatsApp plus is best for you because it’s all above the best features and functions system.

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Download Free WhatsApp Gold Latest Version

Download WhatsApp Gold

It is the main thing about all users to check that and read this point carefully. This is a moded version, and many developers make this application with its new version of features and functions. It is right for you first to select the best third-party website and download this application for use all time. This moded version is not available on the Google play store. So, for this, you need to find it from a third party website and then download it for all time. The application’s size is not large enough, so you can easily download it from the google website and install it. For this, you need to follow some significant points from the downloading and then install it easily.

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How to Install WhatsApp Gold

It is suitable for a user to check some significant Gold WhatsApp points before installation and then install this application easily for all time use. So, all these points are given here below to follow them and install WhatsApp Gold easily.

Note: Don’t uninstall the official WhatsApp without getting back up from there.

  1. First of all, go to your file manager and find the apk you downloaded and click on the Install button.Install Gold WhatsApp Apk
  2. Then click on, Agree and continue.Agree and continue
  3. Then Enter your phone number to verify your account and also click on COPY WHATSAPP DATA.Verify account
  4. Then it will ask you if you want to restore your backup; click on Restore, or you can skip it.WhatsApp backup
  5. After installing the app, paste the copied data there.
  6. Now you can use the 2nd WhatsApp account. Enjoy!

How to Update WhatsGold Apk

The Gold WhatsApp also comes with all the latest version settings and quality of all complete feature sets. The developer of this Mod Apk always works to renew the new version and add some new features. So, you need to check the official website to download the latest version without any problem. Moreover, all the easy and straightforward use option is the developer’s preference to add and make the Apk simple enough for work. However, the application is not available at the play store. Therefore you need to visit the simple official website to download the new update and see all features and settings of this modded version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is WhatsApp Gold?

ANS: It is the best and newly moded application of original WhatsApp and uses all-time best communication. The Gold WhatsApp is the latest model version for all users to give much more functionality. Moreover, it has many features to use WhatsApp Gold with its complete privacy option. Overall, it is good to use Golden WhatsApp compared to all other moded versions and get much more comfortable.

Q2: How To Download WhatsApp Gold On iPhone?

ANS: The download and install process of this Apk in the I phone the same as other applications, but you need to follow some significant points to download WhatsGold on the I phone. First, you go to the I phone setting, change the setting to enable installation functions, and install the Golden WhatsApp easily. Moreover, this moded version works in iOS, and best to use it easily without any troubleshoot. Overall, it is good to install the Golden WhatsApp and use it all time.

Final Verdict

Gold WhatsApp is the latest and perfect version of the original WhatsApp application to use it for all kinds of communication. This Mod Apk is best for all users due to its many more new features and functions. All the best parts are set in this application from the developer to use it easily. Moreover, you can uninstall the original application from your android system and easily install the new one for all time use. The installation process is also straightforward for all users. Therefore, once try to install WhatsApp Gold with its latest version of 8.51 in 2021 and get many more functions for better communication methods.

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