WhatsApp Plus Apk Official (September 2021) | Download Free Latest Version Anti-ban

If you check everyone’s Android or iOS devices around you, you will see one application common and all those devices, which would probably be WhatsApp. Also, sending messages and your pictures and videos has made things a lot easier, which is why millions of people have moved to WhatsApp. While having these many active users, some third-party applications are developed to take advantage of this app, and one of them is the WhatsApp Plus v12.11.0 app. Many other mod apps are also available on internet sites like uptodown and malavida.

WhatsApp Plus 2021 (AntiBan)

WhatsApp Plus
This is an updated or mod file of the original WhatsApp application, where you will find the style sheet files. Similarly, it contains his own personal servers, and whatever messages and photos you send to another person are sent through those servers.

On the other hand, there are some changes made, and the other free functionalities are added. Suppose you want your message to appear as one take so you can easily do it. It comes with a single tick option that you can enable from the settings.

When you start using WhatsApp Plus 2021, you will realize that it is the same as the original application, but few changes are there. Also, there is a do not disturb feature that will block all the incoming calls and messages.

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Apk Information

App Name WhatsApp Plus Apk
Version V12.00.5
App Size 41 MB
Total Downloads 150000
Requirements 5.0+
Cost Freeware
Official Website FMWA Mod
Last Updated 1 Day Ago
Rating 4.5

Features and Functions

The following are some of the features of this WhatsApp plus Anti Ban:

#1 Theme Availability

The users will now be able to choose any theme they like. Similarly, those themes are attractive and eye-catching as well. Likewise, you can easily customize the entire UI. It also enables you to change the color of the messages, buttons, and graphics. All these customizations are not available in the original WhatsApp application.

#2 Hiding Option

This option is not available in the original WhatsApp, as you cannot hide from people, and you will be shown as online. But when it comes to WhatsApp+ APK,  you can hide accordingly. With this function, no group of people will be able to see your status.

#3 File Sharing Option

You are the one who normally shares data files; then, you may have faced problems with the original WhatsApp application because it allows you to share any file up to 16 MB. However, this modified version allows you to share files up to 50 MB.

#4 Cleaner

There is a cleaner option in the WhatsApp+  app that enables the user to remove all unnecessary chats and Groups. In short, you can remove any stuff you want.

#5 History

This feature is not available in the original application, and it is unable to keep the history. Moreover, after using this APK plus, you will realize a history option that enables you to keep the history and all other things done in your account.

Types Of WhatsApp Plus Official Apps

The following are some of the different mod Apps:

1: WhatsApp Plus blue

This mod apk can be a handy application for you, as after downloading this, you can run multiple themes and modify various colors. Also, with this blue, you can likewise run more than one WhatsApp.

2: WhatsApp Plus 2

It is the latest version APK of the original WhatsApp, where you can have many other modified features and functions. Nevertheless, you can customize the themes and wallpapers that you could not do in the original application.

3: WhatsApp Plus reborn

It was released in 2016, and it comes with some extraordinary features that may get your attention. One of the best features of this application is that you can send any messages for free, and it will not charge you. Besides, banning is also unlocked, and you can redesign the themes and change the color of the notification.

4: WhatsApp Plus Gold

Gold WhatsApp is the new version in WhatsApp plus official where the entire user interface is of gold color. However, You are the one who is fed up with the original WhatsApp and wants to try something new, and then you can free download this apk for Samsung.

5: WhatsApp Plus Pro

There is not that much difference between dis Mod APK and the new WhatsApp application. Hence, you must have an internet connection to send texts to your friends. Moreover, there are some little changes available.

6: WhatsApp Plus holo

In addition to this, there is only one change you will see in this WhatsApp Plus android. The entire interface looks like a holo and gives you something new and fresh, which is not boring.

7: WhatsApp Plus Red

The majority of the people might not be aware of this WhatsApp APK. Nonetheless, This allows you to change the entire program and the icon of the notification as well. Besides, You can send media messages at high resolution.

How To Download and Install WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus apk
The following are some of the steps you need to follow to download and install it.

  • At first, you will need to download the APK file from the link given.
  • When you are done with the downloading process, tap on the file to start the installation process.
  • After that, open the application and give it necessary it asks you for and wait for the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP code
  • You are set to use WhatsApp plus online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is WhatsApp Plus?

ANS: It is the modded version of the original WhatsApp application, where you have other features and functions that you do not find in the real app.

Q2: How can I install WhatsApp Plus on WhatsApp?


  • Press on the download button
  • After the file is downloaded, tap on it to install the application.
  • When the installation process is completed, you are set to use it.

Q3: Is WhatsApp Plus safe 2021?

ANS: It is not merely safe to use it in 2021. However, the third-party application used in the installation process is not secured enough like the original application.

Q4: Can you tell if some have WhatsApp Plus?

ANS: There is no real way to find out who uses this mod. Since you know about the features and signs of it, you can assume it.

Q5: Is WhatsApp Plus still banned?

ANS: The original WhatsApp has announced that it will ban all those applications using third-party sources.

Q6: Why WhatsApp Plus is not installing?

ANS: If you cannot download WhatsApp Plus, you need to clear your phone space and google play store data and cache.

Q7: What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus?

ANS: It is the modified version of WhatsApp. It is a bit simple, but it requires some features such as hide online status, not in the real app.

Q8: Is WhatsApp Plus legal?

ANS: No, it is not legal to use this modded application because it was developed through reverse engineering that clearly violates the original app’s terms and conditions.

Final Words

So that was all about the WhatsApp plus. Besides, you can use it for both android and iOS devices. You will not find this detailed guide anywhere on the internet. However, if you still face the downloading and installation process issues, do not forget to mention your query in the comment section.

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